September 10, 2008

Social Software

Oh it's been a long time since I have updated this thing, sorry about that to those of you that stop by from time to time. Life has been owning me up as of late with lots of consulting jobs that require travel, marathon training (portland marathon on october 5th), and getting married to the love of my life in less than 10 days.

So while I would love to write something worth reading, my mind has been mush so I am going to point you towards something that I have been thinking about lately anyhow. This is a great article trying to put its finger on the uses and future of social software design, Social Software! I really like the idea of user content being a beacon of the past. My soon to be wife says Facebook connected her with people from her school whom she rarely talked to during school. I asked her if its because much like family they are links to your past and you all share a common persepective to which she replied "maybe". Then only a few days later this article was sent to me by a developer friend, I love the way things are connected in this new information driven world!

I will not be updating until sometime in October when the wedding and marathon are over and life sort of returns to normal, now you can't blame me for wasting your time because I did not update... you know who you are!