May 5, 2010

Design Efficiency

If only publishers would allow designers to design tight little experiences like this instead of a "back of the box" features 1 through 100. Sadly most designers would hate to work in small boxes anyhow, so I guess it's not all the publishers fault. Perhaps this is what indie games are for? I'm a big fan of simple clean designs but I have yet to really execute one, this makes me sad. Hopefully one day I will be able to execute a simple and clean design that is quite intuitive much like the original iPod Three Click Design Rule which stated that any menu on the device could be accessed in 3 clicks or less. The 3 Click Rule is also a staple of web page design stating that people will leave the site after 3 clicks if they do not access what they are seeking but this has sort of been proven false over time. I still use this mentality when trying to map mechanics and actions to the controller so it was a good lesson learned either way!

May 2, 2010

Love everything about this: the sequel...

Ok I am pretty sure music is way more interesting to me then games at this moment. I go through this every now and again but by E3 I am sure games will have taken over again. Until then Pitchfork is gonna be my best friend!