February 6, 2006

FILO: first in last out

So as you can see I started this thing way back in September 2005, well now all my friends are doing it... NOW I feel like the last kid picked for the kickball game. Thanks for not dropping the Ball!

Yeah! Game Design the thing I do for a living and hope to keep doing for a living if I do not screw it up with my grumpy attitude. Yes, I am grumpy yet have one of the best jobs in the world ain't life odd like that, sucks to be you happy guy that is not making games for a living! Oh wait the phone is ringing, yes was "Karma" leaving a message saying she'll be seeing me tomorrow for that shitty comment, please oh please let it be stubbing my toe on the wall I love that one so so much.

Onimusha 4 how you pique my curiosity yet bore me, thank goodness you have full english translation toggle in the options menu!

Ok that is plenty of rambling for tonight, I promise next time I will tell you about me and all that stuff that might actually get someone to care about reading this thing. Oh yeah I take requests too so if you want me to give my 2 cents on a game or donut (aplpe filled bear claw is top tier) just contact me by whatever electronic means you feel comfortable with attempting.

Future Topics will include:
Why Kill Bill should have been a game (the insiders dish dirt!)

the path of least resistance

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omar kendall said...

I'm kind of scared for Japanese Action games. I'm scared because they don't seem to want to be anything more than they already are (you've seen this in other genres - top-down shooters, fighting games). If they allow themselves to be marginalized, my last de facto genre of choice will be gone, sitting in the corner next to platformers while everyone else is on the dance floor having fun.

With that said, I'll still buy Onimusha 4. Sometimes you gotta root for the good guys even when they're not fighting the good fight.

And run a spell checker, lazy!