March 14, 2007

God of War 2 Launch

Sony let the kids out to play for a night up in San Francisco and it was quite an entertaining evening. Cory put on a show like only he can do and even got us up in front of the media for our 5 minutes of fame, thanks Hollywood!

I could go into detail about all the crazy fun things that went on that night but I am going to link to the 1Up coverage. You can see the backsides of Derek, Todd, and myself along with Mark McDonald of 1Up fame here… thanks again for meeting up with us Mark!

So here are a few pictures April and I took during the night.

gow2 team

God of War 2 Dev Team Members (sadly not all of us)

nate and derek

Nate (level designer) and Derek (combat designer)

cory and athena

Cory and Carole Ruggier (Voice of Athena)

cory and perseus

Cory and Harry Hamlin (Voice of Perseus)

1up crew

1Up Crew!

The 1Up kids were also kind enough to have us over to the office the day after. It was cool to hang out and see how the other side lives. Everyone was really friendly and genuinely happy to shoot the shit about games which is awesome because when you work in the industry you tend to get jaded after awhile. I really wanted to play some fighting games with them because its rare to find people down to play anymore but we had to catch a plane so maybe next time, good luck in the VF tourney Ryan! Thanks again to Karen, Brooks, Jason, and Cesar for hanging out and making the night even better!

Sorry for the short post but I am tired and need to sleep…


Potatoes said...

Awesome you guys were there to represent the rest of us who couldn't be there! This is definitely the fun part of making this game--the actual unleashing of it!

Bruno Velazquez said...

Man I missed out!!! You should have called me man!! Thats messed up........I'm just kidding, glad you guys had fun representing the team!

Btw, I started a blog, check it out:

ortholomeux said...

congratulations on the game and the night. hard wrok that paid off with well deserved kudos.

Ryan O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the luck, Eric... it may have paid off... Watch the episode this friday ;)

eric williams said...

Excellent, my horse brought it home in the 1Up VF tourney! Next time we hang out I think we need to play for sure because I am seriously a noob when it comes to VF so maybe I can learn a thing or two... congrats!

Fozia Jani said...

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