April 30, 2007

Flash Game of the Week: 04/30/07

The game this week is The Last Stand! It’s a zombie survival game which is one of my favorite genres for both films and games. The game pits you (a lone survivor?) against the ensuing mob of undead; the only thing separating you from them is a shabby barrier and your trusty handgun with unlimited ammo. Are you lucky enough to make it through the night?

The game is fairly simple because all you can do is move around inside your barrier and shoot the zombies before they destroy your barrier and eat your brains shortly after. The Zombies come in the form of average zombies, fat zombies, running zombies, and dog zombie. The gun mechanics are pretty straight forward and create a spinning plate scenario where you are firing, moving to a new location under attack, and reloading the weapon. Once you make it through the night you get points to spend on one of three categories to prepare for the looming night: repair the barrier, search for weapons, and search for survivors. The weapon selection is pretty cool and changes the gameplay up and the survivors are great because they add to the overall defense of the barrier. Once all the weapons have been discovered it is just a race to see how long you can last without becoming a mindless zombie yourself from the repetitiveness…

Oh this game is a memory hog or at least it was for me, slowdown was creeping up around day 6 from all the zombies and bullets on screen. For the record my machine is really old so that was prolly the cause as a friend had no issues at all... so if you have an old machine beware!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

p.s. The blog is going on vacation for two weeks while I run around Spain with my girlfriend!


Victor said...

Hello Mr. Williams

My name is Victor Herrera and I'm about to graduate from Full Sail University with a bachelor in Game Design and Development. I'm really excited about this step because I've always dreamed of making games and that time is finally getting closer. I have to do a research project for one of my classes and they asked us to ask some questions to industry professionals. I'm sure you have a really busy schedule but I would be really happy if I could get some of my questions answered sometime.

Thanks in advance for your time


Victor Herrera

Robyrt said...

This one was fun but rather easy - I got a kick out of it. Thanks!

BirdDog said...

Dood, best game ever! Keep finding gems like this for me to play ay werk. :)