May 22, 2007

Honda - When things just work...

I love this not only because it is a Rube Goldberg Machine but also is a great metaphor for game development sometimes. When you have this idea that is made of a million unknowns and then some how you string it altogether to create a boss battle or puzzle setup, the feeling is pretty much like the what you see in this ad. The part the player never gets to see is the failed attempt after failed attempt at trying to get these complex gameplay sequences working. Anyhow I found this neat and relative to what we do on so many levels I just had to put the video up… well ok I was testing to see how to put a video up but this was sort of relevant?!?

The story behind this ad is awesome so give it a read because it really brings home the trial and error experience of working on a game production. It sounds like they had a lot of “Show Stopper” bugs during the development of this commercial… I hate when a producer walks over to my desk with one of those bugs, HATE IT!

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GodModeGOD said...

I'll have to read that in-depth some other time. It's 6:40AM here and I haven't yet gone to bed.

I just had some questions/comments I'd like to make.

The first thing I'd like to bring up is "collision damage". What was the inspiration to make it rack up as our attack percentile decreased? I found it really made the General Kratos :Titan Mode:NUR feel unique to a typical TM:NUR besides simply giving us much lower stats and all spells/weapons from the start. (though lvl1)

Next comes the 'secondary Orion's Harpoon' (hold circle) and it's two basic versions. (instant kill *spin toss/grapple* AND zero damage return to grapple stage) I found it odd that there is no mention nor hint of it in the game nor in the guides yet there it was waiting for the more hardcore players to find and master. Any reason for this secrecy other then simply being a hidden goodie for guys like me?

I remember the reason you and Derek gave for the High Jump being taken out but I hadn't expect the effect I called "Homerun" to also be roundly thwarted. For what reason, if any planned one, did this occur? I loved knocking them over invisible walls as did others:

I spent some time highlighting some exploits I liked in particular if you are at all interested in seeing how I used them in combat/gameplay:

~If only one question could be answered I'd wish to concern the "Homerun" techniques

---Unless some circumstance has changed about what stopped you from being able to discuss "Blue Kratos"...which I doubt