May 8, 2008

Finally Home

What a whirlwind tour it has been over the last few weeks, I have only been home for a total 48 hours since April 17th! The new business is keeping me very busy which is a good thing but all this travel is kicking my butt. I wish it was possible to talk about all the projects I am associated with but NDA's are a plenty so mums the word for now.

Getting out to visit a lot of different companies is amazing. I am learning a lot while giving what I can only hope is a lot back. While that is all fine and well, dammit I miss working with my friends that I grew up with in this industry, namely Derek and Cory but hopefully we can all circle back around later in our careers, at least I hope so...

Oh I went to this fun design night called Pecha Kucha, which is rough japanese for "chit-chat" A bunch of people in design related fields meet up and give presentations on all kinds of topics like city planning and graphic design. The killer part is the format, each presenter has 20 slides and talks about each one for 20 seconds. What I really like about this is that all the concepts are quite digestible and if the topic is not something you are into it only lasts 6:40 so no big deal. The night also starts at 20:20, 8:20 for us non euro/military people but the 20:20 obviously relates to the presentation format. I think there was about 20 presenters as well but we did not stay for the entire night. Los Angeles has one this sunday so maybe check it out if it's your thing, I'd be going but it's back on an airplane again... sad day.

Random other tid-bits...

SEA COWBOYS! If you have not read this story get busy now! It's like the A-team meets Deadliest Catch meets Armegeddon, do I really have to sell this any harder?

No More Heroes was really fun even though the open world parts were not so great minus dumpster diving. Dumpster diving was the best use of a chest system in a modern city layout ever in my opinion. The Wii was happy for two days because I actually used it. I'll be there day one for the Suda-51 / Kojima team up that is in the works, Project S?

I bought an iMac! The first week was a nightmare since the last time I used a mac was Apple IIE in grade school. Once I got over all that I love how everything sort of works together and falls into place. An iBook is in my future since traveling is not going to let up. But seriously why does the "End key" always go the bottom instead of the end of the line, I will never get used to that EVER!

I have yet to see Iron Man, this bums me out :(

GTA4 came out and I have yet to buy it, I most definitely fall into this "Category"

Finally God of War: Chains of Olympus is the #1 PSP game of all time at the moment, let's celebrate with a little Zero Punctuation Review!

p.s. I will try to update more often, if I lag too much yell at me in the comments please and thank you!

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