March 5, 2009

The Orange Tractor

So I am a big fan of TED Talks, they are interesting, make me think about topics, and excite me about the world and its potential for good. Each time I get ready to travel to developers the iPhone gets filled up with new talks to make the time on the plane and in the hotel pass a little faster. Recently I stumbled upon this incredible new technology called Siftables, watch and be amazed!

I love the idea of these little blocks that hold endless possibilities for learning and entertainment. The first few applications with numbers and letters are really cool and I know my wife would play the word jumble game for hours but the real magic was the interactive narrative storybook. When the cat and dog were snuggling I was excited but my mind was officially blown when he made the cat fly away in the balloon.

Children's books and shows like Blue's Clues always intrigue me because the concepts are so simple yet teach children while they entertained. I think console games are getting really good at teaching but they only teach concepts important to the game, not the outside world. Now this is what they are supposed to do but perhaps all the techniques I have learned to teach people how to kill things can be better put to use one day for learning math or a language. All that being said, I am still happy making games for the "Big Kids"!

But hey, if Leap Frog is reading this, let's do lunch!


TMIV said...

Whenever you're ready to help me convince Sony to open an PS3 or PSP educational division let me know.

eric williams said...

Hey Thomas,

I'd love to do that but since they can barely get people to buy the blood and guts right now... I doubt they would even consider such a thing. However if you want to pursue it, I am always down to fight the good fight!!!

XSPR said...

I've been in the educational games space (producing a game to teach phonics) but it is probably quite different from "Big Kids" games and a completely separate market (still). Being stateside, I highly recommend checking out Serious Games something to take a look at if you haven't already.

Nico. said...

Pretty amazing !!!
I'm sure Nintendo, Apple, or somebody smart is already making a new handle console based on this ideas :)... I know I would!

thx for this link Eric... !