February 12, 2007

What was I thinking?

Ok, when you work a lot and hang out with the same people everyday you tend to do stupid things because you are bored and wished you had a real life. Normally these stupid things are relegated to food eating challenges and hey do this and I will give you a dollar but one day we (God of War designers) were really tired, I mean really tired and this crazy bet came up. The bet kinda goes like this if God of War 2 sells 500,000 copies by April 1st I have to lease a Maserati Quattoporte for one year and drive these idiots to lunch everyday. It was pretty funny at the time and everyone was laughing because it was so outrageous which was cool because it was the only bright spot of that day which is really sad if you think about it. So here is the car...

stupid bet

Well the bet spread around the office and people would not stop talking about what color I should get and if they could go for a ride or how fucking stupid I am for making a bet like that. Don't get me wrong because I like to tease and don't mind being teased a little but I might have to blow my entire savings on this bet, NOT COOL AT ALL. The worst thing about it is that all I get out of it if I win is like free lunch for a year or something stupid like that which proves how tired I was during the inception of this whole thing.

Now the game is done and the first reviews are out and OH SHIT people like it which is great but bad for me! I thought this was a safe bet and there was no way we would ever do those kinds of numbers first month but then I start hearing about pre-orders from Gamestop being great and all this other stuff and now good reviews... I am so screwed!!! So if you are a gamer and overall mean person then run out and buy God of War 2 day one and have a laugh at my expense as I become bankrupt. Now if you a gamer and overall nice person run out and buy God of War 2 after April 1st and feel good knowing you saved me from becoming bankrupt.

Regardless of our sales, Congrats to all the people involved with God of War 2, we busted ass on this thing for 2 years and finally it has to come to an end, well almost since we are still a month away from ship. Oh nevermind that the picture is from the future, it's cool Kratos is good friends with John Titor... (pictured credited to our own Jimmy Olsen, Sir William Weissbaum)


Special thanks to the Derek, Jason, Adam (Combat Team), and the Animators, I could not imagine working with anyone else... Level Designers you are special too so don't feel left out!

Oh and that Cory guy for not making me take the long and lonely Bruce (ok is was David on the show) Banner walk a few years ago with the sad music that was rejected from All My Children during the credits of the Hulk TV Show. I will totally be in the documentary next time if there is a shot of me walking to my car with the backpack and that music playing after you yell at me, PROMISE!


Max A said...

cool write up. So will I get a ride in the rental car also.


Jonathan Hawkins said...

I want a ride too!!!!


the pip said...

i feel left out. also, you get nothing from me cause you still owe me a year of lunch for the $9 hard drive bet.

Cory Barlog said...

Oh dude you are so buying that car...and then I will finally actually leave the office and go to lunch.

it will be so freaking sweet...sooooooooooo freaking sweet. You will truely be the big pimp of the office cause we are going to break that number by april 1st even if I have to buy 100k copies myself.

well ok maybe that is not such a good idea...I could never get a loan to cover that. But I wont need to, cause the fans know you need this car, and I know we are going to hit the numba's!


Kevin said...

Found this through digg. GOW pwns! I loved the first one, and cannot wait for the 2nd! Sorry man, I'm getting it day 1! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this one has low miles.


Shouldn't be a bad flight from LA. On the drive back you could stop in Vegas :)

Mark S


You are in trouble dude!
I think we are going to sell more!
How much is a monthly payment on this ?
you should grow your hair and race with Tim on PCH! wow! I am so thrilled to see that!

see you back in april.


~Nw~Joolz said...

Oh dear oh dear as we say in Blighty - not a good move lol.

I've got my copy on pre-order as I type this...sry :/

Good Luck with that whole thing mate.