August 9, 2007

G-Phoria 2007 Results!!!

Ok, we lost and more importantly Kratos lost, infinitely even more importantly Sony lost and may have to kill another goat to satiate Kratos. Cliffy B and company over at Epic destroyed us; we did not win a single award, sad day. Perhaps we will come out of this much like Al Gore did when he lost to Bush, we can release games about mother earth and how she is not happy with what is happening to her, and then we will be Heroes unlike those warmongers that brought you Gears of War! In all seriousness though, congrats to Gears and the guys/gals that put that game together, hell congrats to all the winners and remember your youth!

In other political news, I was floored when I saw a video game designer on The Colbert Report tonight. Previously I've talked about this happening and it finally did, so one small step for Ian Bogost, one giant leap for the games industry! Are we in the wobbly stage between crawling and walking, if so will Conan and Leno catch us before we fall? Jaffe clean up your language because you and fruit cake lady might be sitting next to each other in the near future or one can dream a little dream.

Check out the interview below and watch carefully as Colbert nearly swoons when he gazes upon the power of the purple tie…

Also Mr. Bogost is quite the busy man on the “internets” and his work can be found here, here, and here.


omar kendall said...

Tim Rogers has described Gears of War as a sort of ultimate manifestation of Resident Evil 4 (I'm paraphrasing), taking all of the defining elements templated in RE4 and perfecting them.

Sorry you guys got shut out.

eric williams said...

Thanks for the comfort Omar! Tim Rogers is the guy that gave us 0/4 stars for God of War 2, does anyone like us?

Maj said...

Hey do you get to change anything when the game gets released as a Greatest Hits title? Didn't they redo the difficulty levels in Devil May Cry 3 when it got turned GH?

Cuz if so, you should definitely add subtitles to all the dialogue. I would buy it at full price and play it all over again just to hear what they're saying to me. Not hating.