July 31, 2007

Flash Game of the Month: July

The game of the month comes to us courtesy of a Casual Game Design Competition. The winner was Wouter Visser's Gimme Friction Baby!

The circles obey a specific growth factor which is quite ingenious and kept me playing for much longer than I should have. The game has a certain minimalist charm with its monochrome color scheme and blocky numerics. The music was very fitting and added to the overall feeling of the game's "thinking gameplay". At first the time it takes for a shot fired to stop was annoying but after time I actually enjoyed watching its movements until completion but for most I bet it will bore them to the point of quitting.

A great example of a game that is roughly built around Newton's Laws of Motion or you can think of it as a crazy cross between breakout and billiards... either way remember to watch the circle grow because how they grow is almost the entire game.

My best was 19!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

1 comment:

christer said...

I gave up after finally getting 17 after many many tries.

The premise is cool, but a little tweaking would have made it a better game.

There are two fundamental flaws IMO: (1) the slowness with which you get to make your moves (your shots) and (2) you really don't have precise enough control to affect the outcome for long-term planning.