July 16, 2007

G-Phoria 2007 Voting!!!

Ok here is the deal, God of War 2 is up for 4 Awards this year so cast some votes for Kratos and the crew that brought him home to you, please and thank you!

The voting links are here...
Game of the Year
Best Action Game
Best Voiceover
Best Soundtrack

Seriously go vote because last time we were there Johnny Hawkins was swimming in ladies and since he broke his leg during the making of God of War 2 it's the least the fans can do... I mean look at the smile on this kid's face. Cliffy B never came into work to with a broken leg to finish building and scripting levels so vote now and get Johnny Hawkins snuggling with porn stars again, you know it's the Right Thing To Do!

the hawkins


Max A said...

i love it!@

Jonathan Hawkins said...

"Ohhhh yeah!!!!!" VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

R.Bunk said...

Nice Boobs! :)

ortholomeux said...

the brunette in the middle is hot.