January 22, 2008

Fight IV Your Right...


Mass Effect is getting a lot of press lately for some wild sex stuff! Fox News even decided to take time away from the coverage of Britney to make sure America was aware of this new threat. Our man in the trenches was Geoff Keighley and he put up "the good fight" so thanks for the effort Geoff even though you got closed out (check out the showdown here). Just think of this as practice for the real battles on the horizon with GTA:4.

Dear GTA:4,

Good Luck!


p.s. I almost forgot about you RE5, extra good luck to you sirs!

p.p.s. I feel this is still true, sadly!


omar kendall said...

I get irritated when I see these types of discussions on cable shows. The pro-videogame guys all get baited into arguing the details of the subject matter, rather than sticking by the one subject that can't be argued.

Mass Effect is not a game for kids. It has an M rating. What happens inside the box is for people ages 17 and up - just like an R-rated movie. Fox News is pro gun; certainly their position is not that just because a child might have access to something they shouldn't, it shouldn't be in the home at all, right?


I like Geoff, but he didn't represent his case here nearly as well as the NeoGaf kids would have one believe.

ortholomeux. said...

i just finished the game (loved it!) and didn't get one single lesbian or romance subplot. my game was totally g-rated (well, except for all of the violence and bloodhsed)

i was robbed!

Anonymous said...

Omar..seriously...you gotta get off of this infatuation with Fox News. You're killing me man, killing me.

I miss the good old days where it was tearing someone's head off that was going to rip the fabric of society apart and not deep, soulful same sex kisses with an alien broad.